In the high-stakes world of emergency medical services, upkeeping a robust financial framework and mastering revenue cycle management (RCM) is crucial for EMS professionals. 

But with the challenges that denied claims, delayed reimbursements, and complex billing cycles pose, maintaining a healthy revenue stream can be challenging. So how can you optimize your EMS agency’s billing processes, and where should you start? 

Join us as we delve into the essentials of revenue cycle management, and the best strategies that can help you navigate the complexities of EMS billing — all the way from patient documentation to final reimbursement. 


In this exclusive online session, learn:

The fundamentals of the EMS billing process

Strategies to overcome common RCM challenges 

How to streamline your revenue cycle for maximum efficiency 

Meet the Speaker:

Kim Stanley

Chief Compliance Officer

Kim Stanley is the Chief Compliance Officer at EMS|MC, and was employed with Medicare as the EMS Liaison for more than a decade. Working with CMS and various State committees, Kim developed key reimbursement policies at both carrier and federal levels. As an advocate for EMS providers, she continues to serve on various reimbursement committees and contractor advisory groups at state and national levels. Kim is a frequent speaker at EMS conferences, and a nationally recognized expert on EMS billing practices, compliance, and Medicare policies. She holds her CAC certification from the NAAC.